Tuesday, June 26, 2007
85° F or 30° C today. Tomorrow we expect 72° a drop of 13 degrees again. Did I already mention that a wacky barometric pressure drives me nuts? Guess I did. Makes me cranky, achy all over like you've been hit by a truck, and extremely tired, Not just tired from exercise or so but really wary bone exhausted. Like the whole world is pressing on your shoulders.

I've decided that to give more meaning to my life that it's necessary to focus my creativity on something else than creating drop dead gorgeous print work. Since I'm not allowed to do that anyway because of visa restrictions it's not good to obsess about that.

I've been busy designing metal jewelry, and for me that's the most important and exciting time. Planning what to make, gathering the materials, can you find the right stuff etc. It's also exciting because I will be firing metal for the first time, so I'm looking forward to that. Some people ask me who I will sell it to, I guess that doesn't matter much to me, I always have a problem of parting with something I designed, I guess I get too attached to it. So I'll just design a collection without selling it. It's the journey that counts ;-0

I'll also be making and designing Prayer Beads. Prayer Beads were known in the earlier days as rosaries with the Catholics and Malas with the Buddhist. Islam and other faiths still use them as prayer beads.
The ones I will be designing are more Spirit or Pagan beads, you can use them to focus your attention on when meditating or as remembrance object for a special episode or occasion in your life. You can wear them as a necklace or bracelet or hang them in your home on the wall or small remembrance altar. These beads always have some sort of symbolic presence, like numbers, colors or the form of the beads.
A wonderful example of spirit beads is this one from Susan Simon. Click here for her website.

Another kind are these Prayer Beads called the Evil Eye Rosary from Treasures By Tasci Click for the website.

I can vaguely see the direction I'm heading with this 'giving meaning' to a meaningful life ;-) Will keep you'll posted on the progress of the bead project.