Friday, June 22, 2007
58°F or 15°C at the moment.
If you look at the US weather map you'll see that we're together with SF and Seattle are in the yellow, that is cooler area. Fine with me, the sun was out today and white fluffy clouds drifted by.
7 years ago we lived in Sacramento, CA, the desert of California, it is so hot there you have to drive with two fingers on your steering wheel otherwise you'll burn your hands. ;-) Living up here is a breath of fresh air, I really missed the seasons in Sacramento, there are only 2seasons there, summer and winter. Over here we have the beautiful red and yellow fall colors when the weather starts to change. Gorgeous!

Had my lovely espresso on the deck, I love my espresso machine. Nothing beats having a good strong espresso in the morning to wake you up. The cats played in their kitty condo in the yard. For those of you who do not know us so well, we have 2 cats, a special breed called Devon Rex. They have the most soft curly fur you will ever feel and they do not shed. Their faces look like little pixies and some think they look like gremlins. Some people hate them and think they're ugly, we think they're beautiful, unique and so loving. They're really 'in your face' cats, they like to 'help' with whatever you are doing. They're not so talkative as Siamese but they do chat. ;-) They're extremely agile and active. We have build a cat ramp through the house so they can run all over it high up in the air.

The black and white cat on the right is Nyx, she the female and left is Luke the male. Luke just arrived when this pic was taken(last year) and they're getting to know eachother ;-)

Where aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrreeeeeee you? Chicken huh?

Half an hour later, already best buddies, and never stopped being that, they love each other so much it's so cute ;-)

Luke 'helping' his dad. Whatyadoin'?

They're too cute for words, they enriched our lives so much. They give love unconditionally. Because they have no undercoat and thus catch a cold easily they can't be outside too much, but when the sun is out they love to sunbathe in their kittywalk. To see a larger version click on this photo. The others are as small as you see them.

My day was relatively peaceful and quiet, the grocery delivery person came. Yes we're so lucky that we live in an area where we can shop for groceries online at either the Safeway or Albertsons. Excellent for people like me who can't get out of the house and still need to do their weekly grocery shopping.

We shop at either store for staples like paper and pantry stuff but for real food we go to Trader Joes or the WholeFoods, plus that we have a share in a farm here close by that deliver ashare of the harvest all through the summer and fall. We already had some lovely strawberries, lettuce, kale, bokchoy, French radiches, sugar snaps, plus we have a weekly fresh goat cheese and eggs.
How much more healthier can you get huh?



Bauermann-Goedhart said...

Hoi Tink,

Leuk dat je mijn blog leest! Ik mag wel een SS# maar wilde er geen. Ik heb geen behoefte om te gaan werken. Mijn man werkt al voor 2. Natuurlijk heb ik een bankpas maar daar zit een credit limiet aan en ons tuinsetje zat daar net met $5 overheen. Erg frustrerend wanneer je het geld heb maar niet mag uitgeven. Wat ons credit histoy betreft, we zijn er bijna....

Groetjes Mirjam