Saturday, June 30, 2007
72° F or 20° C at the moment.

Very exciting day yesterday, the day started out very depressed, or I was depressed not the day. Just fed up with being ill, feeling horrible and it pain 24/7.
But in the evening W. took me shopping and we went to the wonderful shopping center called Bridgeport, it's got nice small stores with lots of cafe's and terraces. We went to the AT&T store because as you all of course know yesterday was the launch of the long awaited iPhone and of course I have one. I heard horror stories about 13hour line ups and people camping for 2 days in front of the store. But we just could walk in, no line nothing and walked out 10 minutes later with an 8 Gig iPhone. Nothing lifts a girl's mood better than some retail therapy. My taste is a bit different, I don't shop for clothes or make-up, you can't make me any happier that take me shopping for a gadget. I looooove my gadgets.

Everything you've heard about the iPhone is true, it's gorgeous, it's absolutely stunning. Worked like a charm with my home wifi network, I can now browse the web, make calls, watch a video, read my email, wherever I am. I'm such a lucky girl!

Stunning piece of hard/software!

I can now sit on my bench in the yard, drinking my morning espresso, throw the dog's frisbee, read the newspaper and if want to, read some email or do some shopping.
Below is a pic of my bench where I drink my coffee every morning, it's under a giant pine tree that shelters me from the rain and sun. I sat there in the winter, fall, spring, year round. Every morning I will drink my coffee there. Unless it's raining cats and dogs, than Gwen, the dog, doesn't want to to outside ;-)

My Coffee 'Klatsch' bench, with the KittyPenthouse and Nyx in her hammock. ;-)
The dangerous item with the red handles you see lying on the bench is my 'gopher'. I use it to pick up the frisbee so I don't keel over and faint every time I bend over. Very handy item!

Bench from the other side, with a view of the Kittywalk and Kitty Penthouse.