Thursday, July 02, 2009
Today it is 90 F or 32 C.  It's blazing hot for the Pacific NorthWest. Lets hope it cools down quickly to it's normal temperatures again.

I'm back! Yes I know it's been a while but I needed some time to regroup. My beautiful baby girl got married and I couldn't be there, that threw me off for a while. It's every mothers dream to see her daughter walking down in a beautiful wedding gown with the happiest smile ever on her face and I had to miss that. They had a videographer make video so we could watch it afterwards which is nice of course but still it hurts. Rotten illness, I was upset with myself for quite sometime like it was my fault for not healing quicker but alas, there was not much I could do. We now hope I will be well enough to witness the birth of my grandchild whenever that may be ;-)

At the day of the wedding we turned on our iChat(Apple's video chat, it was night for me of course and she had her laptop perched on the pillows on her bed so I could be part of the dressing ritual. She had friends helping her dress and we chatted along while they fastened the 80 small buttons on the back of her corset ;-) It was a strange and yet wonderful experience, strange because it felt like I was watching a reality show, like Big Brother or so. It felt like really really strange....... but I'm thankful that it was possible at all. I didn't want to miss it for anything.

She did her make up and hair herself of course, she's a licensed beautician, she knew exactly what and how she wanted it. She asked me to send her some kind of fluid that kept her make-up stay on the whole day and looking fresh. It wasn't available in the Netherlands so I send it to her, it worked really well, she looked stunning all through the day.

She looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown, by far the prettiest bride I have ever seen, of course I might be a bit biased ;-)
She didn't know what her husband to be would look like, he kept his suit a secret and he went to his family home to get dressed and picked her up later. So that was a surprise, but he did very well buying a suit without her and look very handsome and modern. ;-)
They sent me 3 photo's yesterday that she got in advance from the photographer and here they are, don't they look wonderful together?
Please click the images to see a larger version!

Lydia and René in front of their American car

Walking through the beautiful town of Klundert in the province of North-Brabant in the Netherlands, where they got married in the beautiful old City Hall.

The wonderful old City Hall of the small Dutch town Klundert.

After the official part they had a small reception in the restaurant Bellevue in another small Dutch town, Willemstad.

Look at René doesn't he look handsome in his wonderful stylish suit? And what about the bride? Isn't she the most stunning bride you have ever seen? We think so!

We will have to wait for the other photo's and the video. When it arrives I will post more photo's because we both are mighty proud of course!

After a day of rest they went on their honeymoon to Aruba which was a wedding present from us and they had a wonderful exhilarating time, enjoyed the island, their beach and each other.
Hop over to their web site if you want to check out their honeymoon photo's and their blog, they have the most stunning photo's, makes you wish you could go there too!

Well now you're all up to date, next will be the report of the making of the porch in our mansion ;-)
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Bibi said...

That's sad that you couldn't be there...
What a wonderful couple, congratulations with your daughter's wedding!(yeah I know it's a typical Dutch thing to congratulate the relatives;-))