Monday, June 01, 2009
Art work by the wonderful Vlad.

Had a lovely breakfast on the deck in the back yard, pups playing cats outside, birds singing and we're having a nice shadowy place to sit and read the Sunday newspaper.

That's the thing I missed most when living in France, the Sunday newspaper. The nice thick, fat newspaper, with all kinds of interesting sections and loads and loads of inserts with ads from stores and coupons!
So had great coffee and the newspaper. because I have been so depressed about this whole isolation thing( read my other medical blog myalgicme, if you want to know the scoop.) W. suggested to go to the Powells bookstore so I could browse and browse and browse while he had coffee in the café and worked on a powerpoint presentation. Normally I shouldn't go out(the flu thing) but with the wonderful weather we guessed all people would be outdoors, and we were right. It was very quiet and the store was nice and cool. The new Powells in Beaverton has nice big aisles where I can easily drive through with my wheelchair. The old Powells has more ambiance but also small steps and stairs. 
It was sooooooooooo good to be out of the house for a while! It lifted my spirits even more ;-) I bought some nice books, 3 cooking literature, a large herbal and natural healing book, an very expensive Digital Photography book by publisher DK and photographer Tom Ang and I love everything DK, it always has gorgeous lay-outs and beautiful pictures. 
Anyway I stimulated the local economy and had a blast. I love to be surrounded by books! In the end it wore me out though, I wanted to go to the check-out and instead of using the backward handle I used the forward and collided with a book case that contained aluminum water bottles.
All went down in one horrible cacophony  and I flushed like I was in menopause! Oh my gosh was that embarrassing! Luckily the store was nearly empty and the people were very nice reassuring me all was fine but still...... it was embarrassing!
I quickly went home and could laugh about myself, I had so much fun and it was the best afternoon I had in a long time! Wish all days could be like this! ;-)
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Bibi said...

*giggle* oh man, that's horrible! I'm glad you had a good time though:-)