Friday, May 01, 2009
64 F or 18 C t the moment at 11:58 PM or 22:58.

What a hectic day today! Had a lovely visit from the mobile groomer guy, he's such a nice guy and always in for a chat. Real nice person, sometimes you just come across people like that, who are just real nice. Not nice because they have to but from the inside out. ;-) Of course our cat walk was the conversation starter that it is. He was amazed by it and quite frankly everyone is. We're already so used to it but I guess for people coming into the house for the first time it is a shock to see a cat walk high up in the air with cat condo's attached to the ceiling. We're already thinking of expanding to the kitchen and into the sun room.

In any case Lotte loved him and he did a great job with her. She looks a lot younger again. The cute little face is back instead of the old dog that she looked like.
Below is Lotte before her make-over.

Below Lotte after her make-over! ;-)


How cute is she? ;-)

What we discussed today was of course the horrible attack on the Queen of the Netherlands and the Royal family, where 5 people died and 8 are wounded.
It's sad to see this happening in the country we still call home, or home country.
However we do notice that we have become a bit resilient against this kind of violence, not a week goes by here in the US or some kind of lunatic feels he or she has to shoot a class full of students, shoot people outside a disco, kill his whole family, kills people attending a church. It's not that we consider this as normal behavior but still, it happens so often you build up a kind of tolerance against horrible news like that. If you don't you will become depressed and anxious.

It's horrible what happened in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, but not less horrible was the shooting of innocent teens in Portland here on an exchange program and celebrating their stay by going to a disco. A disturbed person went out and shot 2 girls to death and wounded 7 others.

Not far from us, horrible things happen on a daily base. What worries me is that it seems to happen so often, people seems to want to make themselves immortal by acting out like that. I can't imagine what must have gone through their mind before deciding that would be a good idea. Could they be stopped somewhere in the process if we were able to recognize disturbing signs earlier? Probably not, most are typed as being loners, quiet and not very social. I do recognize that though, I too am an introvert and more than often wonder about the fact that people are not able to read me better. Apparently are introverts masters at disguising that. Worrisome though.

I do hope people in the Netherlands realize that celebrating Queensday has nothing to do with the act of one disturbed person. As Dutch citizens you have a right to celebrate one day in the year that you're Dutch and proud of it, don't let one lunatic take that away from you! It's an unique festival of being a child again and play funny games, drink lots of beer and visit the flea markets! Not that Dutch children drink beer but you get the point. ;-)

Well, that's it for today, W. cooked us dinner of grilled salmon, grilled asparagus and gnocchi with spinach. YUM! Weekend forecast is rain rain and rain or as we say in Oregon, liquid sunshine. ;-)

Have a good one!

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