Thursday, April 16, 2009
Today 57 F or 13 C. Cold wind feels like 37 F or 3 C ! But the sun is out so we can't complain too much!

It's been a while since I updated my blog, if you read my other blogs you'll know I have been busy with a litter of Border Collie pups we had in rescue and on my Myalgic blog I record and whine and sigh about my illness. i have been very ill the last few months and really couldn't do much, couldn't use my hand and arms as they were numb, so no hobbies and artwork or even crocheting which I so much looked forward to! I started a afghan a couple of months ago and than the side effects of my medication set in and the nerves in my arms and hands got pinched and they became numb.

It's really devastating and depressing if you have a chronic illness and art or hobbies are the only thing that give your life still meaning and you can't do that anymore. I became really depressed about the whole thing and even typing was a problem. I have acupuncture since 2 weeks and it feels like I can do a little bit here and there again. I redesigned some blogs, designed a blog for my daughter who is getting married in June, jaaaaaaayyyyy! And now it's time to start writing daily again so I can keep track on what is happening and how am I doing and also keep my friends and family informed.

Spring is slow here in Oregon this year, it's almost May and the trees start to show a bit of their blossom but it's so fragile a winter storm puts an end to the blossom very quickly. I desperately long for some sunnier days that we can sit outside and be entertained by our new pup. yes we kept a pup from the litter we rescued, he's adorable and his name is Fynn.

Here is a slide show of his photos, isn't he the cutest ever?

He has been a wonderful addition to our family and provides us with lots of laughter and joy. We have a reason to get out now again, to the doggy park and do other fun stuff. Him coming into our lives was meant to be. ;-)

We're planning to build a porch in front of the house, under the bedroom windows with a white fence so we can sit comfortably outside and have more contact with the neighborhood. I'm now on a quest to find a decent contractor, one who knows what he's doing! I'm very excited about the whole project and think it's going to lookm wonderful. I always wanted a home with an old fashioned porch and some comfy chairs, geraniums om the fence, and a nice cuppa tea and a good book on the side. What more can one want? ;-)

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Bibi said...

And have you found a contractor yet?