Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yesterday it was my birthday
I hung one more year on the line
I should be depressed
My life's a mess
But I'm having a good time

I've been loving and loving
And loving
I'm exhausted from loving so well
I should go to bed
But a voice in my head
Says "Ah, what the hell"

                Paul Simon

Yes, another year has gone by. When I blinked with my eyes it was gone, no idea what happened with it, it just wooshed by.

Thanks to all who have send warm, sweet, funny, annoying, lovable b-day wishes ;-) I so appreciate it and feel very blessed to have so many friends who take the time to send me a card or a wish.

Of course there were presents and W. baked, as is tradition, a pie for my day. This time I wanted the Dutch Apple pie, and I directed him to her who has a wonderful apple pie blog. Thanks to Petra in NC for mentioning the site when she was baking her Dudoc Apple Pie. Sorry, Apple pie blog is only in Dutch available.

The pie was a wonderful as usual, he is a exceptional baker. Funny he inherited that from his dad who was a pastry baker before his death. W. has never known his dad, he died a few months before he was born, so he couldn't have discussed any baking with him. But apparently you can inherent talents like that ;-)

Below a few pix of the lovely pie, I just took a last bite of my slice for the evening ;-)

Can you smell the sweet apples and cinnamon?

and wait for it..... yes, a hint of nutmeg and kardamon!

and the sweet and crisp crust, that falls apart when it enters your mouth!

Needless to say it was fabulous, there's still half left, which is a wonder ;-)

Got wonderful presents, a book I wanted to read after Randy raved about it in her blog. The book is a cookbook and it's called Ratio. It claims that if you know the ratio's of an item you can bake/cook anything. Wonderful book!

Another book that was high on my wish list was about pet photography. I have this beautiful digital Sony camera and it's still so difficult to photograph pets properly so that it turns out nice. They’re always on the move, and especially black dogs are difficult. it's something I want to specialize in and I hope that in the future I will be able to go out and offer my photographing services to shelters so that a pet can have a better chance to be adopted. A wonderful picture says more that thousands words, shelters often don't have to funds to pay a photographer and volunteering to do that is something I could do.

Another wish was a Jamie Oliver shaker ;-) a cool nifty gadget for all my fresh herbs!

Than this morning I got a belated present but oh so welcome, a secret wish I had fpr a couple of years. I wanted a immersion blender. Not just an immersion blender no, I wanted the Swiss sturdy, professional Bamix Blender. And that is just what I got this morning. I'm over the moon with it, I'm obvious a gadget person if you couldn't tell by now ;-) It chops, it blends, it grates, purees, it even chops raw or cooked meat! It's stainless steel and I wanted that because plastic discolors pretty quick when making pasta sauce!

I can finally make my own mayonnaise and wonderful vinaigrettes!

Had a wonderful easy day, W. took the day off and we went out for breakfast and after that shopping for bathroom tiles for the renovation. Found some wonderful tiles the minute we walked into the store. Will post some pix tomorrow.
Had an easy take-out dinner in the evening, I was pooped because of all unusual activities.

Now I have another year in front of my, my biggest wish is of course improving my health and being able to fly to my daughter in the Netherlands. I miss her more than anything.

Will work again very hard this year to make it happen, please send good vibes, karma and healing thoughts that this time I will succeed and beat the odds!

# # #


Bibi said...

Aw Tink, a very very happy belated birthday to youououou;-), what great presents you got and such a lovely yummie looking pie!
I wish you loads of good karma and endless healing vibes!

Guus said...

Oops... very late but still, Happy Birthday! Is there anything of the appeltaart left? It looked very, very good...

Treya said...

Hi Tink.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and sharing your story. It was nice to meet you.

Treya : )