Monday, May 18, 2009
75F or 24C, sunshine but raining at the moment, pouring to be exact at 23:38 or 11:38 PM

The weekend promises to be in the 80's again!

Last week I was on a roll and started my experiment of baking with Weetabix. Weetabix is my favorite breakfast cereal. it's better known in the UK but foodies at Trader Joes will know it also. it's a very healthy yummy crispy cruspy bar. It's got 95% of Organic Wholegrain Wheat, so it is very easy to bake with.

I searched for some recipes and decided to use 2 and adjusted them to our taste. They turned out pretty well and very tasty!

The first one is a recipe for Weetabix Muffins that I used to make Weetabix scones. I don't have a suitable muffin pan but do have a nice silicone scone pan for making small scones.

The taste was very nice I used espresso to flavor them with a hint of vanilla. I always wanted to bake some scones with espresso and these ones will definitely be on my regular list. Half of them had cinnamon bits in them and the other half brown sugar on top which made them sticky. I used milk and yogurt which also gave them an nice texture.

The second batch I made in the Weetabix experiment where crunchy bars. They had an interesting consistency, soft with crunchy bits in the inside and a nice choc taste.(made them with cocoa powder).

They were a bit crumbly after a day so I might need to adjust the moisture a bit. They were a hit with W. also and the dogs went after the crumbs like crazy, of course we shared one with them, what's the use of baking if you can't share hmm? Anyway, they were gone before I knew it and I definitely make a new batch soon.

Next I will bake the scones with ginger and try my hand again at the fruit loaf, the fruit loaf requires soaking the Weetabix and fruit overnight and has been one of my favorites.

Project for next week will be this recipe I found about making Blondies(instead of Brownies) with white beans and lemon bars with silky tofu!

# # #